Marriage, Family and Individual Counseling

I will listen to any problem or situation that you are having trouble with in your life and try and help you resolve the situation. I will also talk to anyone about anything for you.

I might direct you to a tool that you could use to better handle a problem, or have you read something that will shed more understanding on the situation so that you can more easily handle or control the problem in your life. 

My goal is to help you put more order and control into your life.
Depending upon the situation that you want to handle, after the first consultation, I would usually encourage you to go and use this new tool to improve the area of your life you are working on.  Then after a few days or a week, I would recommend meeting again to see how things are progressing and to introduce you to a new tool or principle that you could use to further improve things. 

Ordinarily it would take at least 6 such counseling sessions to get a good result.  At that point, I might recommend that you read some materials that will give you more understanding or I might recommend further counseling sessions to continue improving your well-being.

I won’t tell you what is wrong with you or tell you what to think, only where to look.  You will not be made to feel guilty for any past misdeeds.  Life is not easy.  People make mistakes.  My goal is to help you feel good about yourself and your relationships again and to help you restore trust and self-respect.